About me - Jennifer Bennett

Hi there! I’m Jennifer. I live just outside of Vancouver, Canada with my best friend/husband Jordan.

I’ve taken up blogging as a creative exercise. I intend to stretch myself creatively, to begin building a brand, to practice my photography, and to connect with people who are experiencing some of the things I am. It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun and rewarding. All My Delight is about learning to appreciate the little things in life and to overall live a happier life filled with gratitude.

Jennifer and Jordan Bennett

I have a crazy talented husband who records incredible music at home for me to listen to. No really. You should check out his site. I’m his number one fan (biased? – maybe)!

We are parents to 6 little goldfish babies, Bowtie, Tophat, Button, Lapel, Lipstick, and Cufflink. Also one knit hedgehog named Football and one stuffed Sasquatch called Quatchi.

We had the opportunity to travel for a year and study abroad in Germany – So we took it! We had an amazing experience and were able to visit over 20 different countries and make some amazing friends!

Some things I like:

  • Drinking tea
  • Visiting with friends
  • Knitting
  • A clean house
  • Spending time with family
  • Watching netflix in my cozies
  • Doing yoga  
  • Cuddles
  • Crafting
  • Chocolate
  • Gardening
  • And also chocolate

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I also sell delicious tea! Here’s a link for Canadian friends to purchase (sorry if you live elsewhere 🙁 – If you live in the States you can click on find a consultant to find someone near you!)

Photography by Ivy Hofs @ivyrachel_

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