Mama Things: September


Jennifer Bennett Malcolm

So much of my life these days is focused on Malcolm, so I thought it might be a good exercise for me to share about myself on a regular basis. I’m going to start with sharing 5 little things going on with me (Mama) lately. (And don’t worry, I’ll still share about Malcolm too. How could I not talk about that adorable little guy?!)

We were blessed with so many gifts and clothes for Malcolm, but most of them were in smaller sizes. I’m excited that I now get to pick out some adorable and local clothing for him. I just received orders from The Stitched Arrow and This Kid Clothing Co. and the items are just so adorable!

We mostly stick to our usual meals aka nachos and pizza, but lately I’ve also been trying out some recipes for cheap meals. Tonight I’m going to give these veggie tacos a go. I came across this free downloadable cookbook as well. All the recipes are designed for a $4 a day food stamp budget – so this book is great for saving some money and eating on the cheap.

It’s about a month to my birthday so I started updating my Pinterest wish list at Jordan’s request (does anyone else do it this way?). Right now this letterboard is at the top of my list. All I need are some sassy quotes 🙂 I’m also hoping to get my hands on some beautiful linen fabric (and some freetime!) to sew myself this blouse. By the way, if you sew you should check out Seamwork Magazine. They have beautiful new patterns every month and helpful tips for building your own custom wardrobe. Use this link for $3 off your first month (it includes a pattern of your choice as well!).

Struggling with:
Sleeeep…. I know, I know, it’s definitely gotten better, but some nights are still tough. This week we were able to cut out one feeding for a couple days in a row so we’ll see if it lasts. We’ve also started testing out sleeping in our living room (on the pull out couch) in order to give Malcolm some space, but I am not finding it all that comfortable. I probably wouldn’t complain about it though if it means we could all sleep through the night! I also have a problem with going to bed on time. That doesn’t help…

On my mind:
I’m trying to deplete the massive pile of stuff in our hallway/living room. How do we collect all this clutter so quickly?! Now that we are sleeping in the living room it feels even smaller and more cluttered. I have an ongoing list of things to deal with so I can forget about them. Somehow I never seem to get very far down my list. Anyone else have this problem…? After I finish writing this post I think I’ll attempt sewing some crib sheets/duvet covers so I can make use of those silly flat sheets we never use. How do you make up your bed? We are all about simplicity over here and make do with just a fitted sheet and duvet.

Thanks for letting me share about myself. I’d love to hear about what’s going on in your life lately. Comment below or send me a message on Instagram or Facebook.