Christmas Tunes: And Lo… by Forest Creatures

We have now entered December! I hope you are getting all sorts of Christmas vibes. It’s day 2 of my Steeped Tea advent Calendar; it was a treat to enjoy a mug of Maraschino Cherry Black Tea this morning. It’s getting me all warmed up for the holidays.

Next week I’ve planned a Christmas cookie baking day with my mom. I expect I’ll go home with many goodies – yum yum! Good thing you won’t be able to tell how much Christmas baking I’ve eaten this season by the size of my belly.

I’m wishing for snow, but I keep seeing wet, dreary rain out my window. Next week might bring a change in the weather; in the meanwhile I don’t mind enjoying hot tea and baking inside.

Forest Creatures And Lo... Christmas Album

For Jordan and I the Christmas music season started early this year. We’ve been hard at work recording a soon to be classic family Christmas album. Today is the day we are sharing it with all of you! It has been a long process, beginning with years of dreaming, writing, and recording, but I am so proud of Jordan and all the work he has put into this project along with his band Forest Creatures.

Listen closely and you can even hear me singing on a couple songs. I was Jordan’s assistant during the recording and producing phase, meaning I pushed some buttons and made some suggestions. This project is my little baby almost as much as it is his.

We just placed an order for printed CDs. If you are interested in a physical copy you can send me an email at jenniferdrinksteaATgmailDOTcom, otherwise please check out the album online here and consider purchasing the download to enjoy as a part of your own Christmas traditions.

This album will certainly make our family Christmas traditions special. It is really cool that our kids will grow up singing along to Daddy’s songs every December.

When we were first married, Jordan and I began a tradition of building a blanket fort in the living room on Christmas Eve, watching a Christmas movie, and then sleeping in it. I’m not sure if I’ll want to sleep in the fort this year with my extra big belly, but I look forward to carrying on this tradition (at least in part) with our kiddos. What Christmas traditions have you started or carried on in your family?

Craft Market this Weekend

Come visit me this Saturday, November 19th from 10am – 2pm at the Sunshine Ridge Craft Market. I’m whipping up some tea goodies to sell. I’ll share some recipes later on the blog for my chocolate matcha bark and bath teas. Stop by my table to taste some samples and purchase some great stocking stuffers your tea-loving (or even non-tea-loving) friends and family will love! I will also be selling some merch from my last creative venture J-art (oh the nostalgia!) and some handmade baby blankets crocheted by my great aunt Sylvia.

There will also be many other great tables to check out. Pick up some Christmas gifts, support local businesses, enjoy live music, and grab a coffee. Even better; the event supports Chain of Love homes for abandoned and abused children in Brazil.

Sunshine Ridge Craft Market

I’d love to see you there. You can find more details about the market on the Facebook event page.

Follow along on Instagram. Feel free to post your own photos of the event and products using #allmydelightshop. I’d love to see them!

Our Growing Family: New Baby

Jennifer and JordanWe are getting ready for a baby! I took some time away to focus on my body, my health, and my family. Maybe you’ve noticed I haven’t posted in quite a while. I was just finding a rhythm when I needed to take a bit of a break. I didn’t anticipate being away for as long as I have, but that’s life. Our new family member is expected to arrive January 27th and we couldn’t be more excited!

12 week baby bump22 week baby bumpWe are filled with anticipation and joy as our baby grows. I have been feeling all sorts of kicks and watching my belly and this little one grow. It is so amazing to feel this babe moving around inside me. I’m becoming aware of the fact that there is actually a human living inside of me. It’s kinda weird – like sci-fi movie weird – but it’s so incredible.

beanieAround the time our baby was the size of a jelly bean we began to call our baby ‘Beanie’, and it stuck. It’s nice to have a little nickname we can use rather than saying ‘baby’ or ‘it’. It seems a bit more personal, though we are incredibly excited to actually meet our little one and call them by name. We decided not to find out the sex of the baby, and so we are dreaming about who this little guy or little girl will be.

My energy has been pretty low throughout the pregnancy. I’m now beginning to regain some energy and feel a bit more normal. Overall, I’ve been quite lucky with my pregnancy symptoms and my work schedule. Even though at times I’ve been tired, I’ve had minimal sickness. I’ve often felt nauseous and had dizzy spells, but I was able to rest and I didn’t need to push myself so hard.

18 week baby bumpThe last month or so has been much better, but I’m continuing to take it easy. I’m so lucky to have such a supportive husband. Shout-out to Jordan for all the back massages and cuddles and for washing the dishes more often. Sometimes I feel like a useless human being, but he graciously reminds me that it takes a lot of work to grow a human.

We have been doing lots of organizing and trying to make some extra room at home. We’ve worked on a few projects around the house and hope to get some more done before I lose all my energy and the Christmas festivities begin. It will feel great to freshen everything up a bit.

20 week baby bumpI’ll try to post some updates about my pregnancy as it progress. Ask some questions in the comments. I would love to keep you updated and share about my experiences.

You can also read more about our history with pregnancy and miscarriage here.