Porto, Portugal

Jennifer and Jordan in Porto, PortugalWe visited Portugal on a whim. We had a list of countries we wanted to visit, and we tried to stop in as many places as we could.

There was a long weekend coming up and I thought to myself – “Portugal for the weekend? That’s something you can do when you live in Europe right?” Isn’t it AMAZING! It’s not something you can do from Canada; sometimes we go to Seattle for the weekend. But in Germany the world is your oyster because not only is it close enough, but it’s cheap enough too.

Kezia in Porto, PortugalPorto, PortugalSo we packed our backpacks and headed out for a long weekend getaway with friends. We found ourselves on a rocky Ryan-Air flight flying into a storm on the coast of Portugal in February. We snuck out early (4am?) so that we could drive to the airport 4 hours away to make our flight. Jord was thrilled that they upgraded our rental car to a flashy Audi sports car. We may have enjoyed ridiculous speeds on the autobahn at 5 am…

Audi, Germany, AutobahnPorto, PortugalPorto, PortugalWe found ourselves wandering in the cold and rain as we tried to find our home for the weekend. Apparently it was still February, and even in Portugal it was chilly. The streets were quiet, but the beaches were alive with crashing waves and strong winds. We were captured by the beauty and strength of the ocean. We stared across the great Atlantic taking in the mighty waters. It was an out-of-body experience. I never imagined to find myself standing on the beaches of Portugal amidst a winter storm.

Lighthouse in Porto, PortugalLighthouse in Porto, PortugalSome other highlights for us were walking into town along the river, getting drenched in the rain, exploring the underground catacombs, having a fondue and sangria party, and finding a 50 cent bottle of wine in the grocery store.

Jordan put together this awesome little video from our trip:

Photography by Jennifer and Jordan Bennett

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I’ve taken up blogging as a creative exercise. I intend to stretch myself creatively, to begin building a brand, to practice my photography, and to connect with people who are experiencing some of the things I am. It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun and rewarding. All My Delight is about learning to appreciate the little things in life and to overall live a happier life filled with gratitude.

Jennifer and Jordan Bennett

I have a crazy talented husband who records incredible music at home for me to listen to. No really. You should check out his site. I’m his number one fan (biased? – maybe)!

We are expecting a new addition to our family late January and are excited to become parents.

We had the opportunity to travel for a year and study abroad in Germany. We had an amazing experience and were able to visit over 20 different countries and make some amazing friends!

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