Garden Update: Green and Growing

Growing snow peasOur garden is beginning to grow really quickly. Some afternoons I go out to find a handful of little snow peas that weren’t there the last time I checked. We’ve been picking lettuce and eating salads like crazy, but every time I go back out to the garden it’s just as bountiful as before. So far we have only started enjoying the lettuce and a snow pea here and there, but soon we will have plenty of kale and other goodies to enjoy.

garden-growing3 Garden Fresh Lettuce We have also signed up for a seasonal CSA box from a local farm. We enjoyed this so much last summer. It makes it incredibly easy to always have fresh, local, organic, and ethical veggies on hand. We even enjoyed the odd melon and apple last year. These days it’s difficult to pick up fresh organic vegetables at the supermarket. Yes, there are more and more options available, but sometimes the organic section just looks so sad. It’s also hard to make a healthy choice when I can compare the prices right there. Most of the time I cave and get a non-organic item in order to save a buck. Somehow it’s easier for us to invest in what we eat when we plan ahead and pay in advance.

Of course there are many benefits that come with CSA boxes. I love that local farms benefit from the partnership and I love the community that it creates. The farm even hosts events for CSA members and invites us to see where our food is growing. Last year we were able to try many new veggies that we had never cooked with before. It was somewhat of a challenge for us to learn new recipes in order to consume these. Through this experience we found a love for certain produce we hadn’t heard of before. We quickly became addicted to making fresh salsa verde with our local tomatillos. NACHOS EVERY DAY!! Or just every other day…

Growing kaleGarden fresh lettuceWe anticipate the arrival of our first CSA box of the season within the next month. We had the CSA in mind when we planted our garden. We picked veggies that we consume the most to plant in our garden. Hopefully we won’t become sick of eating salads or have more onions than we can eat.

Have you participated in a CSA? Do you have any awesome salad recipes to share? I would love to try them. I’m going to need some new ideas to use up all my greens!

If you would like more information about our CSA you can check out the website for Arocha Brooksdale CSA. If you live in the Vancouver area these farms are also worth checking out: Urban Digs Farm and Zaklan Heritage Farm. It might be too late to sign up for a CSA this year, but these farms also have farmers markets throughout the season.